HUMANIST – 7th Humanist Conference, Rhode Island, October 2021

The 7th International HUMANIST Conference was hosted on 26-27 October 2021 in Rhode Island, Greece. The theme of the conference was “Human Perspective in an Evolving Transport Era“. The 2021 conference brought together researchers, experts and stakeholders from several multidisciplinary communities that are active in the field of human factors in transport. Topics for this year’s symposium included, but were not limited to: C-ITS, driver monitoring, automation, electrification, new vehicle types, smart cities, towards effective MaaS and mobile transport apps, enhanching accessibility and inclusion ensuring the safety of VRUs, ergonomics (passive safety, new vehicles interior). The BeSmart team contributed actively with the following presentation: Monitoring and Improving Driving Behaviour of Motorcyclists Through an Innovative Smartphone Application